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        nurturing mind, body, and spirit

         SingleWhip              Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chuan (which is often described as a Moving Meditation) is an Internal style of Martial Arts. The slow, continuous, and graceful movements of the Tai Chi Chuan form aid in the relaxation and the integration of the mind, body, and spirit.

Tai Chi helps to quiet my mind, refresh my energy, unblock my joints
and helps to bring back a sense of peace to my soul. It is this energy and balance that I bring to my massage and energywork sessions.


I teach the 37 postures of the Yang Short Form as derived by the late Professor Chen Man Ching,
a student of Yang Cheng-Fu from the Yang family.

Emphasis is upon:

yin/yang symbol
Core principles-Tai Chi classics
Relaxation and Letting Go of physical holding patterns
Flexibility, Strength, Balance, and Sensitivity
Movement of internal energy and Meditation


Some of my Favorite Tai Chi Links:

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For further information, email  Maria L Cosentino