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        Experience my combination of Esalen and Swedish Massage, along with Jin Shin Do and Shiatsu 
          Acupressure. Sessions are by appointment and approximately one hour in length.  An hour and  
          a half session is available for existing clients.

        Therapeutic Massage is a method designed to ease tension and tightness in the body.  Massage 
           affects us on four levels of our being:

Physical,   Emotional,    Mental,   and    Spiritual.

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               Physical: Massage relaxes and tones your muscles, improves circulation, and helps to 
                              eliminate toxins in your body, giving you a cleaner, healthier system.

               Emotional: Pent up energy is often repressed in our bodies. Massage can help free this 
                              energy, giving you a sense of inner peace.

               Mental: Massage relieves stress and anxiety, freeing your thoughts and giving you an
                              awareness of your body as a whole. This enables you to take responsibility for
                              your own health and  happiness.  

            Spiritual: Massage, like meditation, helps you to center yourself, giving you a sense of
                              balance, quietness and strength.



Call 630-493-4432 for a appointment.

Maria Cosentino       6708 Cedar Lane      Westmont, IL 60559